When does a client ask to decrease the bounce rate below 10%, what will you say?

bounce rate reduction

First, make the client understand what does bounce rate means and why it is not bad all time:

It is pretty common that a visitor landed on your website page with specific query search, got the purpose to solve on the landing page only and so the visitor exit from that page without browsing other pages. Here the bounce rate will be calculated 100%, but you can’t blame the traffic. You need to check the amount of time a visitor spent on your website rather than bounce rate.

The prime motive should always be to get conversion rather than optimizing the bounce rate.
To get the true bounce rate you need to find out the session time and the conversion, once you get the minimum average time need to adjust to google analytics code for further enhancement.
If you are interested in more insight about the bounce rate adjustment through google tag manager or using profit index, then comment below will send you the detailed case study for better understanding.


Apart from adjusting bounce rate how you can reduce the bounce rate as your client few questions:

1) Validate your landing page, does it excites visitor to visit other pages?
The landing page should solve visitors query!


2) Which channels/ sources landing into which pages delivering low-value traffic are you ready to sacrifice those channels. Set your priority high traffic or quality traffic!


3) CTA – “Click Though Action” button prominently displayed on the landing page or not? Heading, sub-heading section, buttons contents determine the potential CTA and it should be relevant to the landing page.


4) Landing content is consumable in short time span or not? As even if the visitor comes to your webpage and find the content interesting but if it is taking a longer to digest high chances are there that the visitor might bookmark to read it later and skip.


5) Does the landing visually appealing to the visitors and also load fast at the same time.

If all the above 5 questions answers are positive then nothing wrong with your landing page and no need to worry apart from adjusting the bounce rate. Else if the answers are negative then first fix the issues and then come to calculate the bounce rate. In general bounce rate, anything below 40% is considered excellent. To get it below 10% you need a power pack website where a visitor cannot exit without spending the minimum specified period that required for conversion, else that demand is baseless.