Thanks To All The Digital Guides On Teacher’s Day

Thanks To all Digital Guides on Teacher's Day

It's been great learning with you all .

In the time course of being a Digital Marketer the guidance I received needs to be shared and mentioned.

  1. Google

Its the ultimate one to change the modern day learning process . If you want to find something or learn it's there in google search engine. Along with all its feature no one can deny that " Google Is Modern Day Best Teacher ". It does not ask your educational background, your qualification, you are topper or a failure - if you have a wish and will to know and learn something you going to get all it need at google.

2. YouTube

Though its a part of Google but it requires a special mention. Its immense  number of videos , gives the best quality learning process. Its audio visual platform have helped me a lot to learn different tricks and tweaks regarding  Digital Marketing . And also special thanks to people who taken the initiative to upload tutorial videos.

3. The Moz Blog

In Moz Blogs, the industry's top wizards and other experts offer their best advice, research, how-tos, and insights. All in the name of helping you level-up your SEO and online marketing skills. It have helped me a lot  to stay updated develop better skills on online marketing.

4. Hubspot Blog

The blogs of Hubspot contains and covers almost all the topics related to digital marketing . If you want to no any topic of digital marketing it is the best place . It have help me a lot to understand complex thing in simple manner.

5. Socialsamosa

This is a very special platform for learning social media marking , and understand the trends in social media. It have guided me to stay undated with trends in social media, and understand whats happening and where on social media.