Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services in Kolkata, India


We have to keep in mind Analytical study is a very important part of Digital Marketing Services.Whatever you are doing, its needed to be tracked for future success and minimizing the faults and draw backs of yours.Step by step analysis and detailed reporting in support to it can make you aware of the obstacles your Business is facing online to achieve your goals and it gives you an idea of what focus and rectification is needed though the approach in  Digital Marketing Services.  Better analytical studies always provides better ROI .

  1. Setting and configuring your Google Analytics, helps you getting the data most useful for your online business.
  2. Providing detailed reporting of the traffic visiting to your website.
  3. Proper analysis of the website contents and its appeal and uniqueness to the traffic coming to your website.
  4. Comparing with the data of your business competitor, and understanding the performance with respect to that.
  5.  Pointing out all of the SEO errors needed to fix inorder to increase  rankings and better placement of your website.
  6. Our prime focus when developing the strategy is to identify the the unique goal for your business and emphasize on it.
  7. Proper strategical analysis of all the analytical reporting data, understanding and removing the flaws which restricting in achieving the goals.
  8. Developing and designing  your website  content  unique and attractive for better  interactive experience user ,  with regular analysis can bring great response to your business.
  9. Always keep  things simple and try to think like a customer and provide what the customer looking from you.
  10. Last but not the least always keeping things updated and being adaptive with the changes in the Digital Marketing Field is very needed.

Proper analytical study and strategy making give a boost to all the Digital Marketing Services .



Depends on your business goals and your time of approach, here I am now guiding you
to understand the terms and best use so that you can make an important decision on which methods to use. Each of this services have their special importance and the combined effect can give you a huge boost to the journey towards your business goal.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services :

  1. How to review, analyse and recommendations on the targeted keyword plan .
  2. Resolving on-site structure issues in design and code for better customer experience and engagement with your website and spent time on it.
  3. Getting the schema structure alright according to your business requirement is also very essential.
  4.  Keeping everything updated according to search guidelines  .
  5. Increasing the ranking and better placement of the website and improving its presence in the organic search engine results for the specific focus keywords .
  6. Identifying the negative keywords in for your website and its exclusion.
  7. Building links and back links is needed for your better SEO performance.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services :

  1.  Establishing and managing  the Adword accounts at Google , Bing and other  platforms supporting for  display and search network ads services .
  2. Guidance in making  bid strategy for search engine paid marketing for search,display and video platforms as are the need which will perform the best.
  3. Writing proper content for ad which needed to be matching the goal , and proper grouping of keywords based on specific theme.
  4. Searching the negative keywords and blocking them.
  5. Proper placement of the ads and configuring it according to the demographics and target location.
  6. Daily analysis of the performance of the ads and generating reports for understanding the ROI.

Social Media Optimization (SMO ) Services:

  1. Its important for proper use of social media platforms like( Facebook, twitter, Linkedin ) for marketing for the business development and brand promotion.
  2. Planning and developing the content to drive traffic attachment with your social media profile.
  3. Building strategy to drive and engage followers on your Company page.
  4. Developing a circle of influence and building community around your brand to promote.
  5. Better Utilization of social media share buttons to allow other people to easily share your content.
  6. Providing a review on utilization of Social Media for your brand promotion and popularity.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services:

  1. Assisting into the paid advertising through the Social Media to broaden your customer reach and increase the exposure of your brand.
  2. Designing and developing ads maintaining the proper regulation of specific social media platforms respectively.
  3. Making proper bid strategy and placement of the ads and configuring according to the demographics and target location.
  4. Building a referral system in different B2B Channels for better engagement and understanding the target behavior.
  5. Proper reviewing with Social Media Monitoring and Management Tools for improvement of utilization of SMM .
  6. Daily analysis of the performance of the social media marketing and generating reports for understanding the ROI.



  1. Content is an integral part for strategic marketing
  2. Guiding to creating and sharing the valuable contents to attract & convert prospects into new customers and the old customers to take repeated actions.
  3. Good relevant content is among the most valuable aspect in the Digital Marketing.So writing the unique and attractive content as per demand and need of the market for the business.
  4. A complete story telling package about the brand for giving success to it , with first changing time and technology.
  5.  Its an approach focused on creating & distributing valuable, concentric,relevant content repeatedly to attract and retain a mass of audience interested and ultimately drive profitable customer action to the business.

So if you’re looking for high quality strategic content for your brand promotion or covering a topic relevant to marketing and growth I can be the reliable person for you to help. From writing strategic impact content – to making it viral – then connecting your potential customers back , I will guide and make it for you.


  1. Email marketing is an data driven digital form of traditional direct mail marketing.
  2. Providing you the potential leads and guiding in email marketing  to impact customers and potential customer in a variety of ways as per the need .
  3. Track the action taken on the email send to receiver and developing proper report .

I would be providing verified marketing database that allows for customization, data mining, precise targeting or other purposes. And I will design and write the attractive content for email to drive the traffic to take action, and also tracking the action on the email taken send.