Redesign your website without compromising your existing SEO

without compromising seo

Existing SEO needed to taken into consideration during a website revamp else you have a lot to lose.

Fixing the issues that might affect the existing SEO after the website complete/partial redesign or change implement might be bit messy than if was discussed during the planning of redesign. In general, you must discuss the SEO consultant before you plan your website redesign rather than conveying the changes after implementation. But this is always the basic problem between the tech & marketing team in terms of communication gap – and this will not help the way Google sees your website. Any way to fix the issues that might affect the existing SEO after the website complete/partial redesign or change.

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The checklist which needs to be taken care of your existing SEO during website revamp.


existing seo

The 7 most important facts that need to be moderated:


  1. URL change
  2. Missing page 
  3. Duplicate pages
  4. Canonicalization
  5. Broken internal/external links
  6. Image alt text
  7. Duplicate Tags
The URL change tops the checklist. Too often clients don’t even bother to consider the SEO impact of changing their website URLs. Suddenly they decide to move valuable content from an existing page or might also think it would be a good idea to completely change every single URL without redirecting the old ones. This will hit your SEO very hard if you don’t use  301 redirects.
301 redirecting the old URL to the new URL is essential. The code “301” is interpreted as “moved permanently”
It is the most efficient and Search Engine Friendly method for webpage redirection and it should preserve your search engine rankings for that particular page. This will help to pass the power from existing external links to the old URL across to the new URL. It enables search engine crawler to effectively find your new page, index the new URL, drop the old URL from the index and at the same time help to transfer any existing power the old page has across to the new page.