Consultancy Services


All these services depends on your business goals and your time of approach. Here I am now guiding you to understand and can make an informed decision on which services to use for the specific needs. Each of this services have their special importance and the combined effect can give you a huge boost to the journey towards your business goal.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) Services :

  1. Review, analysis and recommendations on the targeted keyword plan .
  2. Provide specific instructions for resolving on-site structure issues in design and code for better customer experience and engagement.
  3.  Meeting the needs and being adaptive to changing Google search guidelines.
  4. Setting the internal governance and guidelines for best SEO practices for the business.
  5. Increasing the ranking and better placement of the website and improving its presence in the organic search engine result
  6. Guidance to avoid negative SEO practices that hurt your rankings and position .

SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) Services

  1.  Managing the Adword accounts at Google , Bing and other search engine platforms.
  2. Making proper bid strategy for search engine paid marketing for search,display and video platforms as er the need.
  3. Writing proper content of the ad matching the goal , and proper grouping of keywords.
  4. Searching the negative keywords and blocking them.
  5. Proper placement of the ads and configuring according to the demographics and target location.
  6. Daily analysis of the performance of the ads and generating reports for understanding the ROI.

SMO (Social Media Optimization) Services:

  1. Guiding how to use social media platforms like( facebook, twitter, linkedin) for marketing for the business development and brand promotion.
  2. Planning and developing the content to drive traffic attachment with your social media profile.
  3. Building strategy to drive and engage followers on your Company page.
  4. Developing a circle of influence and building community around your brand.
  5. Better Utilization of social media share buttons to allow other people to easily share your content.
  6. Providing a review on utilization of Social Media for your brand promotion and popularity.


SMM ( Social Media Marketing ) Services:

  1. Assisting into the paid advertising through the Social Media to broaden your customer reach and increase the exposure of your brand.
  2. Designing and developing ads maintaining the proper regulation of specific social media platforms respectively.
  3. Making proper bid strategy and placement of the ads and configuring according to the demographics and target location.
  4. Building a referral system in different B2B Channels for better engagement and understanding the target behavior.
  5. Proper reviewing with Social Media Monitoring and Management Tools for improvement of utilization of SMM .
  6. Daily analysis of the performance of the social media marketing and generating reports for understanding the ROI.