Company Branding -10 Best Strategic Ideas For The Best Engagement Of Your Employee Into The Company Branding

employee branding strategy

The most important thing before you plan the involvement of your employee in company branding is to make the employees feel the most powerful brand assets the company has is the people working for you. Always try to win over their trust gradually, never impose on them. Let employees feel connected to the company brand and understand their role in turning the brand aspirations into reality naturally.


Another important thing is to listen to their feedback about the service, and give your employees as much of a sense of ownership in the services or products and the brand message as possible.


The best platform for utilizing the employees into the company branding is the social media.

Though we all want our employees to share their enthusiasm for the company in their words, still it is important to use caution, and we need to make a common sense social media policy where they need to be entrusted with protecting the reputation of the company.


You can plan to do things like the following:

1) Sharing a live session while they are working.


2) Ask them to write blogs on their working experience and challenges faced producing high quality and error free output.


3) You need to make appreciation and acclaiming of the employees publically on their enthusiastic participation.


4) As per the different services provided by Zibanka, make different group or teams- with group lead who will inspire their team, so that no one left back in social media activity. Ask them to write a post by a combined team, which also increase the bonding among the individual.


5) Asking a newly joined employee, how he or she likes the job in your company – what other things they want you to work on to make better experiences for the employees.


6) Writing customized individual blog post – for examples: A post by an employee working over X number of years with your company.Where he or she describes their experience of working with your business, their view about the brand on day one and after X yrs.Their passion for your brand.


7) Can do a Facebook review post where you can ask the employees about how they feel working for your company, giving them options to select, reply from those options.


8) When a new project comes, catching the employees excitement and conversation which can be shared on Facebook – how they are feeling for the job assigned to them.


9) Share and appreciate the level of involvement of employees when any project work got high appreciation from the clients or achieved good local-global acclamation.


10) Every month you can run a competition for the best Active employee, which will be judged on their level of involvement with the company branding through the social network and blogging.


happy employee¬†And one important thing you need to remember doesn’t impose the brand ambassador tag on the employee. Rather let them enjoy your work culture and take the fun out of it. If the employees enjoy they will be always happy to share their experience in public, which will be the real boost for the branding strategy.