Analytics & Strategy

Analytical study is a very important part of Digital Marketing. Whatever you are doing needed to be tracked for future success and minimizing the faults and draw backs. Step by step analysis and detailed reporting in support to it can […]

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Consultancy Services

SEO-SEM-SMM-SMO Services: All these services depends on your business goals and your time of approach. Here I am now guiding you to understand and can make an informed decision on which services to use for the specific needs. Each of this services have […]

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Content & Email Marketing

CONTENT MARKETING : Contents is an integral part for strategic digital marketing. By creating and sharing the valuable contents to attract & convert prospects into new customers and the old customers to take repeated actions. Good relevant content is among […]

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Training & Mentoring

Digital Marketing Training is the combination of all the aspects of internet & web to reach your desired online goal. I take training for individuals as well as corporate to guide them to utilize all the aspects of Digital Marketing, and […]

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Latest Blog

Redesign your website without compromising your existing SEO

without compromising seo

Existing SEO needed to taken into consideration during a website revamp else you have a lot to lose. Fixing the issues that might affect the existing SEO after the website complete/partial redesign or change implement might be bit messy than […]

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When does a client ask to decrease the bounce rate below 10%, what will you say?

bounce rate reduction

First, make the client understand what does bounce rate means and why it is not bad all time: It is pretty common that a visitor landed on your website page with specific query search, got the purpose to solve on […]

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Company Branding -10 Best Strategic Ideas For The Best Engagement Of Your Employee Into The Company Branding

employee branding strategy

The most important thing before you plan the involvement of your employee in company branding is to make the employees feel the most powerful brand assets the company has is the people working for you. Always try to win over […]

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4 Best Ideas Your Successful Competitor Can Teach You

best ideas your your successful competitor can teach you

4 Best Idea Your Successful Competitor Can Teach  You  ” The best approach is to adopt and learn from your successful competitor other than feeling envy. ” In any online  business the most important part is the customer acquisition , […]

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Thanks To All The Digital Guides On Teacher’s Day

Thanks To all Digital Guides on Teacher's Day

It’s been great learning with you all . In the time course of being a Digital Marketer the guidance I received needs to be shared and mentioned. Google Its the ultimate one to change the modern day learning process . […]

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Guides to make a social network analysis report

Metrics Of Social Network Analysis Report

Social Network Analysis Report Important Things To Note : First of all for the client you have to set different metrics , as different stats give different information in your social network analysis report. Furthermore there’s a difference between knowing […]

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Strides For Successful Digital Marketing


Strides For Successful Digital Marketing #Approach to Successful Digital Marketing should always be positive and senseful to your goal. Why you should plan for going into successful digital marketing? Ans : First of all Successful Digital Marketing is based on data driven analytics.Its […]

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Being Into Digital

Being into Digital

Being Digital Now a days we all are well aware that everything is tech driven, who matches with the market demand survives and those who can’t gets void. Digital platform have given a robust boost to lead driven business and […]

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